Senator Ben Nelson Joins SAFE, Opposes Tax on Unrealized Gains

Washington, D.C. – October 17, 2023 – Today, Saving America’s Family Enterprises, Inc. (SAFE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to educating Americans on the consequences of bad tax policy, announced that former Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) will serve as a senior advisor.

This announcement comes as SAFE is urging the United States Supreme Court to protect Americans from taxes on unrealized gains in Moore v. United States.

“Taxing hardworking Americans on unrealized gains is bad policy that would threaten the vitality of many small businesses and family-run enterprises. If enacted, it would add more complexity to the tax code and force Americans to sell assets just to pay the tax. The United States should enforce its current tax code to protect and support hardworking taxpayers and close the existing tax gap,” said Senator Nelson.

Earlier this year, SAFE named former Sen. John Breaux (D-LA) as a senior advisor and spokesperson to the organization. Breaux co-signed SAFE’s amicus brief to the Supreme Court, and in recent weeks, has joined radio shows across the country to discuss the consequences of taxing unrealized gains.

Nelson represented Nebraska for two terms in the United States Senate, from 2001-2013, and served on the Senate Appropriations, Armed Services, and Agriculture Committees. He also served as governor of Nebraska for two terms, from 1991-1999.




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